The use of paver grade adhesive to secure the layers of stones in each step is advised. Glue all stones with paver grade adhesive using two

to four silver dollar size dollops of glue to secure stones together. Overlapping layers of capstones in step construction is important for

long term strength and stability of MaytRx steps. Stones may be glued on the sides for additional strength.

Maytrx Stairs

CAMBRIDGE WALL SYSTEMS featuring Olde English-Maytrx-Pyzique-Column Kits-Curb and Edge Stone, all in colors and textures to match our paver line

Cambridge Filler allows steps, porches, stoops to be built solid using a modular cost effective Stone. Nomoinal 6” Height matches Stretcher, Maytrx and Vyking 6 Wall Systems.

Filler used to finish Third Step (note finished sides of  Stoop

Steps built with new Cambridge Stretcher Wall and Filler Block being finished with the Cambridge Large Cap.

Filler used on sides that will not be seen .

Filler used on sides that will not be seen . No compacting is need for each step, creates fast glue together system.

Stairway Filler Block

 The finished Cambridge Stretcher Steps are finished with Cambridge pavers in a bed of concrete sand in between the glued in place Cap stones on the Top Row. Note: This set of steps can be viewed from the side and so a finish of stretcher stones were used. If the side of the steps were hidden by a wall or structure then Cambridge Stairway filler block could be used to save time and money.