Maytrx is our Premium line of all purpose wall. Made originally in a 6” high product it now also has a compatible selection of the same stones in 3” high allowing the look and texture of real stones  with more than ten different sizes. Maytrx is made in two textures: Split Face is reminiscent of Stone with square corners and bevels, Stone Face texture has a weathered look with random rounded edges. Maytrx comes with a “double-Sided” Capstone that works as both a top for your wall but also as step risers and even as an additional stone in the wall.

 Explore the possibilities with this all purpose stone system.

The Maytrx Cap stone is double sided and can be used as a finish cap or an additional element in the wall. Works for both size Maytrx Walls.

CAMBRIDGE WALL SYSTEMS featuring Olde English-Maytrx-Pyzique-Column Kits-Curb and Edge Stone and our NEW VYKING WALL SYSTEM, see our NEW STRETCHER WALL SYSTEM, all in colors and textures to match our paver line
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