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6" Stretcher Wall
Corner HOW-TO

 Building a Double sided Stretcher Wall Corner:

 An equal amount of Long and Short Faces, as in the illustration at left requires a 4” Adjustment stone cut from a

Stretcher placed next to the corner stone adjoining the Short (12”) Face. Walls that do not terminate into a corner or have an unequal amount of Long and short faces will require an Adjustment stone cut to fill the gap between the corner and the last full stone (length to be determined in the field). Note: It is important to keep a “running bond” relationship with the stones below the current row for all but the Adjustment Stones.

The Split in half Stretcher can be used as a “Finished End of Wall” Stone.

Close up of Corner rotation each row, Adjustment Stones & running bond joints for all other stones in the wall.

Cut Adjustment stone from Stretcher w/ Chop Saw

Stretcher System Single Sided (Retaining Wall)  90 degree Corner

 Cambridge 6” Corner stones should be used as Stretcher corners.  Lay Stretcher Stones with Large face out and maintain a running bond between the joint of blocks and the center of the stone below. Never cut the corner stones, cut a stone between the last full Stretcher stone and the corner (Adjustment Stone) from a Stretcher stone with a Chop saw. Corner and Adjustment stones should be glued with Paver grade adhesive. Note: Pins and most retaining wall  configurations require a setback on each row.

Stretcher Wall System has two Faces: 16” (Long Face)

                                                              12” (Short Face)

Alignment and Geogrid:

 The Stretcher Wall like the Maytrx Wall uses a visual alignment system for vertical or setback positions in freestanding and low height landscape walls. Set side mark over center or Setback grove.

The use of “Maytrx Pins” is recommended for retaining type walls to assist in alignment as well as to hold the Geogrid in place during assembly. Place Pins in “Pin Holes threw and into Center grove of the stone below and pull forward.

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