Maytrx 3 is our “half high” line of multi-stone retaining walls to compliment the original Maytrx 6” walls. The Maytrx 3 comes with 33.4 square feet on each pallet and contains all the same dimension stones as the original, with the exception that each stone will be 3” high, that is 1/2 the height of the original stone. Each pallet of Maytrx 3 has twice as many stone pieces in each package as the original Maytrx. The Maytrx 3  is a solid stone with no need for pins. Maytrx 3  has a visual alignment system to guide you in either a 3/8 (setback) or no setback (vertical)  choice of installation. Maytrx 3  has the same built in corner system as the original Maytrx.  Maytrx 3  is designed to work alone or with the original Maytrx system allowing the use of 3” as well as 6” high stones used together to capture the look of real stone walls. Look for it from your local Maytrx distributor.    

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Maytrx3  and Maytrx 6” together in wall.  The combined systems  have 10 different face sizes plus the cap stone. pattern

MAYTRX  3" &  6"MAYTRX  3" &  6" Pattern download. (Click Here)
CAMBRIDGE WALL SYSTEMS featuring Olde English-Maytrx-Pyzique-Column Kits-Curb and Edge Stone and our NEW VYKING WALL SYSTEM, see our NEW STRETCHER WALL SYSTEM, all in colors and textures to match our paver line
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